DH-20A4P is not a fast ripper!

Just built a new system and am using this drive, now I have an ugly white DVD1648 from my previous computer for ripping installed (white in my all black case), was there just no drive that can compete with a aopen 1648 for ripping ever since?!

I just recently bought a black case and installed all four of my DVD-RW drives in it. The Pioneer 111 was beige. I had a can of black anti rust paint laying around. I gave it a shot and took the tray out. Taped it so that the paint would not get inside of it and on the metal case. Spary pained it and let it dry. Looked pretty good. Sprayed it again and put it together. Now you couldn’t tell any difference with the other black drives.

I also noticed that they sell spray paint in cans for plastic. It would probably be even better than the anti rust paint that I used. I am very happy with the result.

A bit OT, but wouldn’t it be better to remove the bezel from the drive first if you were going to paint it?