DH-20A4P for 5025



Hi all,

I have a Lite-On 5025GHC+ DVD recoder with 80Gb Hard drive.
The DVD burner has packed in (about a fortnoight after the warranty finished :frowning:

I am very capable of fitting a new drive (even carrying out mods if need be) but unfortunately I am an expat in India so getting hold of the correct drive is a major issue. There are plenty of computer hardware shops but there stock is random. It’s pretty much what they get from the whole salers. This makes ordering exaxt makes and models impossible.

Anyway, a local shop has in stock a lite on DH-20A4P. Not as cheap as many on here at about £30 ($60) :eek: but it’s the only way I can get it repaired.

My question is: Is the DH-20A4P compatable with the 5025?

Many thanks!



It might be compatible, most likely but not fully meaning no FF on Rs and commercial disc, FF will work on RWs.

If the supplier has a good return policy, I would test it out just by opening the case and just lay the new drive on top of the one in the unit, put a piece of paper to prevent scratches, plug it up, power and test the recording capacity on RWs, Rs, justfit, timer and manual, finalising, transfers (hdd to disc, disc to hdd, both RWs and Rs).

Test the playback on Rs and RWs, all functions should work on the RWs (FF included) but no FF on the Rs. If the region is not set yet on the drive, they are sometime sold already set sometimes not. if the commercial disc won’t play, you’ll need to bring the drive to the PC and set it and play a commercial Disc while still on the PC, then install in recorder. If it didn’t FF on Rs, it will most likely not FF on commercial disc. The recordings played on other players will be fine, test that too.

If I’m playing a disc that can’t FF, I’ll chapter up then rewind, that works.


In India there is no return policy :frowning:
Once brought there is no chance of getting your money back. If a product is faulty they will simple repair it (eventually!). The consumer rights are extremely poor.
To be honest, if I could buy recogised brand DVD recorders with HDD’s easily at the right price I would just replace the one I have, unfortunately that is not the case, hence the reason for the repair route. The one I have came with me from the UK.

That is why I want to know the drive will work before purchase. I am 75% confident it would. It would just be nice to have 100% confidence :stuck_out_tongue:

Call me ignorant, but what does FF mean?

Many thanks!



FF is fast foreward



I was thinking much deeper than that (honest!).

FF is not an issue as I never use it, I just skip chapters occasionally (usually on my daughter disney disks to avoid the starting credits).

Looks like I will take the risk later today then!

Once I have done it I if it works I will post park to the compatible drives thread.




Well, i can happily say it works.
The device FF’s, skip chapters on DVD-R’s and originals. It also records on DVD-RW.

That’s all I needed working, the rest I haven’t checked.

Had to swap the innards of the old DVD burner with that of the new to get it to fit. The only issue with that is the door close mechanism where the pulley wheels are at different heights and the band is a little loose. At the moment if works but I can see the rubber belt coming off in the future. I’ll keep my eyes out for a smaller one.




Great to hear you got it going. You say that the DH-20A4P FF’s on Rs and commercials on the 5025, I might look into trying one on an older Liteon model to see if it works on that, it would be a nice find, a recent and available PC drive that FFs on older models. Thanks for the info. Once tested, I’ll report back on the drive compatibility thread.