DH-20A4P - disc unrecognised?

I just finished burning a DVD which I scanned and got poor results on.

Just after that I burnt a CDR. After scanning that I insert a burnt DVD disc and its not being loaded by the drive.

I reboot and the drive is recognising discs again but sometimes at boot it isn’t.

Any idea what has happened?

I’ll probably get a replacement.


Just noticed if I scan a disc after a burn I get bad TRTs and scans but if I reboot and scan or eject the disc and reload, the scan is ‘normal’.

Burn lead-in time is just over a minute. Media I was burning was burnt with CAV but now its being burnt via CLV regardless of clearing OPC, Learnt Media etc.

Are these signs of a faulty drive?

Reflashed the firmware too and still no change. My 20A1P was never like this.

Restored EEPROM from the initial backup I made when I first got the drive and everything seems fine for now so remember to always backup your EEPROM!