DH-20A4P-04 vs. Optiarc AD-7190A/DH-20A3P

Can someone enlighten me as to which of these drives is “better”? From what I’ve been reading, the AD-7190A can be flashed to a DH-20A3P, which brings me to the question:

DH-20A4P or DH-20A3P… what’s the difference? (couldn’t find a comparison)

Or, the LH-20A1P-33 for a few bucks more?


I suggest you take the 20A3P, as it doesn’t have the CD-R high jitter bug and the engineer is keep improving the firmware for this drive.

WeLLCome ntsf;

the mayor difference is the chipset:
A1, A4 series cames with MediaTek 1898 chip
A3 cames with MediaTek 1858 chip

specs are the same. they’re supossed to be revised versions.

which are better I don’t know. I have a 20A4H and I’m happy. I think those drives are good.