DH 20A3L burning problem



Can anybody help me with my problem
I have a new DH 20A3L and I cant burn anything CD or DVD at any great speed.
It the serial ata version of these drives.
As you can see the speed does not even get up to 4x, my buffer fluctuates between 2 and 90 and my cpu usage is 100%

I had no problems at all with my older Liteon burner.
Any advice would be appreciated.


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Try reflashing the drive with the same f/w.
I did this with the latest Samsung 223F, when encountering a similar problem. :cool:
N.B. Both drives use (different but similar) MediaTek chipsets.


Where do I get a copy of EP58 firmware?


I have flashed with the EP5A from the Liteon web page but it still has the same problem.
High CPU usage and BLOODY slow burn speed.


I have flashed with EP58 firmware.
I have updated the VIA drivers
I Still have the problem of used read buffer dropping low to about 30% and
buffer level dropping to 5% when burning with Nero.
Any ideas?
It bight be easier to buy an standard ata version or this drive instead :a


What chipset does mobo have? Not all chipsets work well with SATA optical drives, and you may need to get SATA adapter with Silicon Image chipset which do work well with SATA optical drives. Another option would be to exchange/replace it with PATA model.


Its a VIA chipset.
Yeah it might be easier just to get a PATA model.
It would be nice to get this one working tho.


It’s a known problem with using most VIA chipsets with SATA optical drives. Search around in this forum and you’ll find out. IIRC, something like the 82xxx-R southbridge chipset supposedly fixed the problem.


You should be able to get this one working by getting SATA adapter card with Silicon Image chipset if you have a PCI slot available.