DH-20A1L to LH-20A1L possible?


i hope someone can help me. I own a liteon DH-20A1L Burner and ift it is a oem product there is no firmware upgrade from liteon.

So i tried a crossflashing to the LH-20A1L but it is not possible to me. To up to date firmeware (06) is only available in the scrumbled form on. So i can not manipulate it. I used flash fix to make it possible to flash, but it the manipulated flash file says that the drive is not allowed to be updated.

I tried to upgrade the burner with the eeprom utility, but it seems that it does not change dh into lh.

Now i don´t have any more ideas. can someone help me?

Thanks, Karsten

sorry…posted a wrong link

No ideas??


you may try the firmwares from codeguys.rpc1.org
Not sure if that works.