DH-16W1P and Nero 8 with Vista 32 - Cannot burn DVDs

I hope this is the right thread…
I have a DH-16W1P in my Packard Bell PC, and I cannot burn a DVD. I am using Windows Vista 32, and the latest version of Nero 8 (Purchased recently on advice of Retailer!)
I have tried the Flash/EEPROM utilities, but I still get the same errors: Either “Power Calibration Error”, “key-Medium Error” or just chucks out the blank (Verbation DVD+R) discs and saya "Insert a blank disc.

Any help would be much appreciated, we are going mad here!<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- / message adsense hack -->

Jazzdj, hope you don’t mind duplicate thread been closed. :flower:

To start with you can post us Nero burn log. You can find this as a text file in Nero/Ahead folder among your other program folders in; My computer / C:/ Programs/ Ahead (or Nero)/ NeroHistoryLog.
Attach this file as a .txt (with serial numbers removed).

Thanks and welcome. :wink:

Will try to, fairly new at this sort of thing…:confused:

I saved all the logs as .txt files to be safe, but they are all bigger than the 97kb limit allowed so I failed to attach them. Can they be resized? Looking at the text, I would not know what is relevant or not :confused:

Not sure about what “removal of serial numbers” either, since a check of the text/content does not show any s/n?

Sorry about the duplicate entries, but thought the “Newbies” appeared to be the best place [I]after[/I] the first post.

I saved all the logs as .txt files to be safe, but they are all bigger than the 97kb limit allowed so I failed to attach them.
No big deal.
Just post/attach what’s relevant to your problem here. :flower: (Copy /Paste /Attach/)

I’m also burning a lot with NeroLinux, and my log file expands past 500kb…even in Ubuntu.

I have tried to edit the log files for three failures, and one burn that was successful. I have not tried burning anything other than videos taken with a Sony Handycam, but the encoding part seems fine anyway, it is the burning which does not work with Nero, Win DVD Maker or the Sony Handtcam supplied software.

Thanks again, and hope the edits are of use/relevant :slight_smile:


1st error edit.txt (47.8 KB)

Succesful burn edit.txt (19 KB)

3rd error edit.txt (16.7 KB)

2nd error edit.txt (37.7 KB)

Thanks for all attachments, great troubleshooting. :clap:
The problem seem to be media related.

Your Litey has problems to handle DVD-R media (CMC MAG AE1). Note, the successful burn was done on DVD+R disc.

Liteys never been good with DVD-R so I suggest you to use DVD+R’s and for best compatibility set booktype to DVD-ROM (in Nero).

Happy burning. :flower:

Thanks for your time,
Tried to set booktype but not given the option anywhere in my version (latest) of Nero 8. The help file explain how to, but the actual programme is different. Also, I had some earlier failures with DVD+R discs (Verbatim 16x), it just so happened that the logs I chose were the failures with DVD-R media. I have attached the log from my most recent Verbatim “Coaster”:confused:

If you, or anyone, could provide further help I would be much obliged!!



Error 7 edit.txt (43.6 KB)