DH-16A6S what is it?

I tried to set the booktype using the utility found here. This drive comes in the new Dell Inspiron machines. None of the programs seem to recognize it as a lite-on although the device manager says PLDS DH-16A6S. Does anybody know anything about this drive, specifically how to set the booktype?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like a LiteOn OEM drive made for Dell, from the new A6S series, aka, iHAS120, but detuned for 16x burning. There’s a Booktype utility from LiteOn, try that.

I found one from lite on from 2005, I’m guessing that’s not the one you are referring too.

When I tried this one I get a f/w not support! message at the bottom. Is there a newer version of this utility? I emailed lite-on, but their support hasn’t responded.

Thanks for any help.

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Try this …

Thanks…that is the one I tried. It looks like it doesn’t recognize it’s own firmware or something. See error above. Should I try and flash it as something else?