DFX effects in winmap

hey…i been using Dfx plugin to loisten thru winamp…and it makes my mp3’s sound so much bettre…is there any s/w which might provide same kind of imporvement while i burn them to audio cds thru nero?normalsing in nero does imprve to some extent…
or will mp3 gain do the trick?

just search around for audio editing software that will do the desired effect. what is the effect you are going for?

i particularly like the 3 d surround and fidelity on dfx…bass iv got enuff of…got good subwoofer …
whic ones are good?

well after doing some searhcing around, i wasnt able to find any software at will do what you want. Howeve it still may be possible.

In winamp, go to preferences -> output plugins ->select the nullsoft disc writer plugin and set it and see if it will convert your music to wav or whatever witht he desired effects. I have a guess it might not work because of existing dsp plugins, but i would give it a shot.

If that does work, you can simply convert back to your original format.

And here comes the hard part, if it doesn’t work. You would have to figure out a way on your soundcard, to connect the output to your line in and record the files manually. But of course you will have a loss in quality unless your card has optical out and optical in.

You could always go from your line out to another computers line and record that way if your soundcard can’t handle looping into itself.

Good luck.

1-ya…evn i serched …zilch
2-doubt diskwriter will do that …in sync with dfx…but will try
3&4 and u lost me on the 3rd and 4th paras…:confused:

Basically what i meant was, plug an audio cable into your soundcard where you normally plug your speakers into. Then connect the other end into your soundcard where the microphone would go, or plug it into the line-in jack. Then get some recording software that can record from the line-in or microphone jack. Start recoring, then hit play in winamp. After the song is done, stop recording. Playback the newly recorded song. If it worked, you can convert it back to mp3 or whatver your original format was.

tks buddy…will try after i get alll the connecting cabels…

DFX isnt even the best DSP you can use in winamp. Enhancer is by far much better. Try it, I haven’t used anything since, and it’s free.


Dont use line-in, it will degrade your music pretty badly. Try the disk writer with the plugin on, but remember to turn down the bass and treble or it’ll sound bad.

tks dude…had heard about tht but never tried .woill now…

but DFX is the most DLed ,right…i went by that…