I’ve been having a problem with my DVDRW drive not recognizing certain games with various levels of copy protection, such as Black and White 2, Rome Total War/Barbarian Invasion, and sometimes Civ 4 (it occasionally works). I just reformatted my computer out of frustration with it, and the problem persists. Half of the time the drive doesn’t recognize the cd’s in the drive, and when it does I can’t play them as they crash and come up with a ~df394b.tmp error. These cd’s are all originals!!! I payed for these, and no matter where I look online I can’t get support from the game manufactureres or Dell (i’m running a Dell Inspiron 9100). My dvdrw drive is a sony dw-r56a, so maybe its a hardware problem, but I’d like to see if anyone on this forum can help me. Thanks!

come up with a ~df394b.tmp error

it´s prolly an error inside the copy protection (contact publisher) or a bad copy.

That error is almost invariably a sign of a bad copy.

However, if you get it for whatever reason, you must re-boot your system before trying again as once it’s popped up even the original disc won’t work.