~Df394b.tmp error/Help



Okay, I have my backup wink of Freelancer… I dont know how it was burned, But when i load the exe the game fails to load and i get an error with the ~df394b.tmp file.

But the game runs fine on my roomates system… After some research i narrowed it down to it being my Pioneer DVD-106 ROM… And after switching out his CDROM into my system, The game loaded fine… Safedisc2 seems to be causing this.

So does anyone have any advice on how to get around this without having to buy another drive :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys.


That is what you get when you use that kind of backups…which are not allowed on this forum and thus the topic will be closed.

Pelase respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules, they are there for a reason!


I still want to answer this question:

buy this (great) game!!!