DF-black hawk down cd-checks?

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I 'm trying to back up “Delta Force, Black Hawk Down” I’ve made a couple of coasters though CloneCD and Blindwrite both say success. Scout,Clony don’t see the protection, “Protection ID” says “CD-Checks”. I tried using a cdrw, but says not enough space, I tried overburn but failed.
Help please?
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Jeff in LA.USA
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I believe if you’ll get a protection scanner and scan it you will find that is is SecuRom 4.84.69 So clonecd won’t do it without being patched by twinpeaks and BlindWrite will not do it without a BWA file, which you make no mention of. They are getting a little creative in trying to protect what copy protection is present on their game. with protection ID hit the drop down and change it so it scans dll’s and try again.

It’s protected with securom 4.8x. which frequently can’t be detected by protection scanners until after installation.

See here for how to copy it with CloneCD


here for how to copy it with Blindwrite.