Device probs

This may be a stupid question but are all dvdr devices udma33 ?

I use a liteon 812S and its been taking about 27mins to write a 4.3GB iso
with a 4X Liteon media

When I try same image on a 8X same it takes a few seconds more

(looking into flashing it is what led me to your forum) which is :cool:

Ahyhooo, I flashed the device from ???3 to ???J, “no difference”

so Im then looking at nero info tool which is saying my drive which I
use to store my iso’ has dma turned off , aha windows drivers maybe,

gets me some via drivers, install and get this via b/m utility make the alterations
so its now using udma, woohoo , but now the whole system freezes (xept mouse)
when I try to write to disk.

the via utility sees my dvdr and says it only supports mode 2 udma 33.

Can this be my problem, Im thinking maybe I need to flashback the device.

any feedback will be apprieciated.



First off, to see if it’s a media issue download SmartBurn. It will tell you the max supported burn speed. If SmartBurn says 2x then you’ve found your problem, if it’s 4x or 8x then it’s probably not a media problem. BTW, 2x takes about 30 mins, 4x about 15 mins and 8x about 9 mins.

The Media is ok , correct speeds reported
I had to rollback the ide bus drivers in order to fix the freeze prob

But still takes far to long to burn

I have my o/s on primary master & Dvd burner primary slave
secondary master is the drive I use to store iso’

Could this be an issue?

Thanks for the help

Some suggestions to try:

  • Try installing MS default IDE drivers.
  • DVD burners seem to like being placed as Secondary Master.
  • Try a new/different (80 wire) IDE cable.
  • If you have Intel Application Accelerator installed, get rid of it.
  • If you are using any packet writing software (i.e. Nero InCD, Sonic DLA etc), uninstall them.
  • Don’t run Nero InfoTool before burning.

Thanks Ssseth

the only thing I havent tried yet is putting the burner on 2ndary master
I have some serious downloading going on so must wait.

cheers for the help