Device Manager Properties still limit my RPC1 drive

I have Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-104/A04 with v1.3.1 RPC1 firmware installed. Using CDVDInfo program, it says that my drive is region free and that there is no limit to changing the DVD Region. But when I go to My Computer|Properties|Device Manager|Properties|DVD Region, it says that my drive has 3 changes left and current region not selected. How is this possible? I though RPC1 has already taken care of the region issue?

Thanks in advanced.

Because the registry entires of your operating system(s) AND those of your dvd player program(s) also limit your region settings.

You can use DVDGenie to bypass this. It’s free.

this is an issue with windows xp (i don’t remember about other operating systems). xp is not actually capable of displaying the fact that a dvd drive is RPC1 and will always show a counter, despite the fact that the drive is region free. trust CDVDInfo. this is the hardware side of the region limitations.

the software side is mentioned by Mr. Belvedere, where software dvd players also have their own region settings.