Device manager problem

Hi guys,
I am a newbie here and I need all the help I can get at this stage. I am having dramas with my burner and I have noticed in device manager that I have 2 Ultra ATA storage controllers listed, 2 primary and 2 secondary IDE channels listed. Is this right?

Well, it would help to state what your problem is, in terms of what device this is causing not to work. Also, giving your system configuration might also help, since unless you’ve got a modified system in some way, you should have 1 primary IDE channel with up to two devices on it and 1 secondary IDE channel, with up to 2 devices listed on it.

For example, on my primary IDE channel, I have 2 HDDs, one 100GB and the other 40 GB. When I right click on properties>advanced settings, I see both HDDs, both as UDMA 5. When I do the same for my 1 secondary IDE channel, I have two DVD burners on them, both at a UDMA2 setting.

Of course, it would help more if you attached a screen shot of your Device Manager screen also. Mine looks something like this:

Thannks for the help. For some reason my screen shot is not working. Where you have 1 ide controller and 1 primary/secondary ide channel listed, I have 2 of everything listed. I have 1 HDD and 1 dvd burner. The dvd burner is only writing at 1.7x instead of the discs max capability.

Hi finally got the screen shot to work. Thanks

Could be one of each for PATA and SATA. You have to find the burner on one of the Secondary Channels and enable “DMA if available” (probably showing PIO now).

If that doesn’t work, “Uninstall” everything under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and reboot to have them installed new.