Device manager doesn't recognize ND-3550a



Here’s my problem…When I try to install my new ND-3550a, the device manager doesn’t recognize the drive execpt as “unkown device” with lot’s of funny letters(boxes,~, etc…) I have tried and tried again, rebooted, checked the wires, but it still doesn’t work.

Please please please could someone help me?



I had a similar problem with my 3500 after I upgraded my PC.
Might not be related, may have just been a fluke but heres what I did:
I set the jumpers to Master and started up with it as the only optical drive in the PC then put my setup back (3500 as slave) and it was fine.


The IDE cable could be damaged.


Try replacing the IDE cable with a 80 pin cable and check your jumper settings on both drives. Set them both to cable select.