Device list fails on first boot


Long time no see :slight_smile:

Here’s me with another problem I have. I have purchased a brand new WDJ80, which satisfies my need very well.

But here it comes to problem. I have WDJ on master on the primary channel and master Plextor Premium and slave IBM Deskstar on the secondary channel. If I turn on the computer, the device list does not recognize IBM disk and it continues loading Windows without a problem. So I figured out that when I either restart computer or abort his working without disconnecting the power, the disk is recognized by mainboard on second and any further reboots.

Note: at first boot the disk is not capable to be viewed via hardware manager or any other device that supports hardware listing.

Note 2: I have the disk in rack but I’ve tried to run it without it and it’s the same thing. The power led on rack always lights.

Thanks a lot, guys!

have you tried the ibm on secondary master with the cdrw as its slave ? also make sure that in the bios it is set to auto detect the hard drive in question

I didn’t try that option, but I rather see my Plextor on master than on slave.

Yes, I have autodetect for all of the devices.

does your ide controller have an option in the bios for predelay (or something like that) gives it more time to recognize from what i understand)

If thats not it try swapping the molex (the power) connectors or try another ide cable. Or as others have said put it on a cable by itself

Or even set it to user settings. A bios update could help too sometimes

yep momentarily disconnect the cable from the wd hard drive and connect it to the ibm one , and see if it sees it in the device list whilst booting up .

Something I have discovered with my Western Digital 120GB drives, is that they like Cable Select very mch more so than master/slave! I had the same problem you are experiencing with your IBM drive with my WDs, I had to turn on and then reset, then boot up in order to use them. Cable select solved all though, suggest you try it.