Device is not digitally signed?

I just installed CCD4 on my win XP SP1 computer. During the installation CCD installed an extra SCSI adapter on my system for the virtual clone drive. (My hard drives are all IDE) But when it did this, WinXP alerted me that the new SCSI adapter wasn’t digitally signed, and strongly recommended that I not install it. I went ahead with the installation anyway, and when I was done, windows said that my IDE or SCSI configuration might be unstable now or in the future… This makes me nervous. Is this normal to have happen when installing CCD or should I uninstall and remove the virtual drive? This leads me to a second question: is there a such thing as having too many virtual drives? (like installing clone cd, daemon tools, alchohol, and more…) TIA to anyone who can help me with this :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Pablo@Computer
: is there a such thing as having too many virtual drives?
…only if you run out of drive letters and want to call it B:\

Uninstall CloneCD and reinstall with a custom option, unchecking the VD. When you know more you might want to try some of the Clone VD features. Until then use D-Tools.

Thank you for the answers to my questions FutureProof :slight_smile:
I will take your advice on re-installing CCD without the virtual drive. Now, if I go to “add/remove programs” and uninstall CCD, will that remove the extra SCSI adapter that CCD installed as well as virtual clone drive? Oh, and also, now I’m curious: what was it that went wrong during my installation for windows xp to give me the " device not digitally signed" message?

Yes; yes; nothing went wrong this is normal

I have been using CCD’s VD ( with an ISO of a DVD-9 movie. When I use the VD (eg. copy the files from it to the harddisc) after a couple of % my computer is so slow that it almost freezes. I can’t shut it down properly I have to use the reset button. If I use D-Tools I have no problems at all. Don’t know if this is a known problem or just a problem in my setup. I use WinXP SP1.