Device connect/Device disconnect sounds

I have noticed that on occasion, without any good reason, that my USB devices will start “connecting” and “disconnecting”. This is evidenced by the annoying windows sounds “windows xp hardware insert.wav” and “windows xp hardware remove.wav” alternately sounding off.

The computer starts this annoying ping-pong sound game of the device connecting and disconnecting.

It is enough to drive you crazy.

It should be noted that the devices are fully plugged in and turned on.

About the only way to cure this is to unplug the offending device. Plugging it in later seems to “correct” this problem, for a while.

Any ideas on what is going on???


Bob Shem

I have seen this behavior in XP and have as yet not heard of a fix for it. best option is to go into control panel click on your speaker icon and under the Sounds tab choose no sound for device connect and device disconnect.

Seen the problem a few times (have it myself as well) and never found a fix either. I noticed that the sound you hear (the same as when you’re unplugging an USB device) also is used for the “USB Failure” event. Perhaps Windows tries to access an unplugged USB device? It also does this when you properly unmounted the USB device, but still…knowing Windows, it might “forget” to unmount something…?

Had it happen to me too, dunno why.

Make sure you are not violating power limitations through an unpowered hub - that may cause devices to disconnect.

Thanks for the thoughts. Does anyone else have any ideas to explore?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t XP able to detect when you violate the power on the USB hub?
Then agian, who knows how reliable it is.

this cannot be the only reason, 'coz i’ve got an additional usb 2.0 controller (pci, nec chipset, using xp sp2 standard-usb-drivers) installed - and atm there is only 1 device connected to it. a simple 9-in-1 card reader (for 3,5"-bay).
yesterday, i had it for the first time, when i plugged a CF card into it (which definitely does not use too much power… :wink: ) winXP started removing the usb-device, then install it again, then remove it and so on… after 3 or 4 times, it was all ok…

this has never happened before for me, but i think it has something to do with the system-uptime, since yesterday my windows-session was nearly 12 hours without any reboot but with hard usage… :wink: normally it isn’t that long, i generally do a reboot after max. 4 or 5 hours just to get a performance boost… :wink:

I know this thread was started 5 years ago but I just found it so, someone else may find it too.

I have the same problem… my problem was due to my mouse (Logitech Marble Mouse). It’s wire (close to the mouse itself) was starting to fray or was “pinched” or otherwise damaged. Consequently, not often, when I moved my mouse in a certain direction (I hold it in my hand - trackball, remember?), it makes the connect/disconnect sound.

Since I can’t afford a new mouse, I took the common sense approach and wrapped the damaged area in tape. I made quite a few revolutions around the wire with the tape to stiffen and secure it.

Cheers… Hope everyone’s issue in this matter is as simple as my.