Device buffer problem

Went away for the weekend, just got home, tried to burn an iso with imgburn @ 4x, device buffer jumping alllll over the place and the write speed wouldnt go above 1.8x. Tried it in my other burner, same thing. Uninstalled imgburn, rebooted, reinstalled, same thing. Ive checked the filter drivers, all good, uninstalled both drives, shut down pc. unplugged both drives, only plugged one drive back in. restarted machine and attempted to burn a different iso, same problem…any suggestions?

my burners are lite-on 160p6s (psob)
hp940i crossflashed to lite-on 20a1h (lloc)

Sounds like the DMA went to PIO mode.

it sure did pfloyd1, got it taken care of, thanks for the reply

No problem. Your welcome!