Device Bind Problem

I had a Galaxy Note 2 with the dual sim bluetooth working fine. I’ve upgraded to Note 3 but the device will not work…error message says incorrect password or pin. I am guessing this is because the device was bound to my old phone. The old phone is broken. What do I do now?
Socblue A810

Binding is a security feature. For unbinding you need a jailbroken IOS device

Thanks for the reply chaijen,
I have an Android platform device. What I need to know is if there is some sort of software that can reset the device to the default settings. There was no instructions with the device that explained the binding feature, so I set it unknowingly. Now I just need to have the device reset or it is worthless to me bound to the old broken phone.

[QUOTE=chaijen;2722409]Binding is a security feature. For unbinding you need a jailbroken IOS device[/QUOTE]

Not for Anndroid. When you activate bind device you d o get a warning message from the app explaining that you cant connect to another device when using the function. So the bind device function i s explained

I’ve tried to pair my device with several Samsung Galaxy devices. Every time I get the same error: “Unable to pair with SocBlue. Incorrect Pin or password” I have a Galaxy Note 3 but before that a Note 2. The Note 2 worked fine but was broken. I was not able to disable the device security before the Note 2 was destroyed. What do I do now? The SocBlue will not work with any other devices. Can I send it back to you and get a factory reset? It was a great device while it worked, but now for 6 months it has been useless.