Device attached to system error



I have an Aopen 48x that works well except that it will not install the game Baldur’s Gate (the first one). It installs other games (BG2 for example) and plays music CDs fine.

“A device attached to the system is not functioning” error message appears when I go to RUN and type D:\setup.exe

When I click install on the auto installer with BG it just hangs a few seconds and then the auto installer vanishes.

I think it has something to do with my autoexec.bat or config.sys

Initially my “File System” properties said my floppy was using DOS drivers so I changed that and now everything reads 32-bit.

Anyone know how to totally remove all traces of Windows 98? I would like to do that and try a complete reinstall. But I have several appz on the drive that I cannot easily replace so I can’t scratch the whole drive. Also, the Uninstall Win 98 option is not available in the add/remove program control panel.

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personally I would back up whatever files you have (assuming you have a CDR of some sort) and do a completely fresh install of 2000, and then blow the data back on…

the only other thing is that some games won’t run on 2k anyway as the programs are trying to access the hardware directly - which you can’t do on 2k (from what I understand anyway…)

Mr C


Is it a copied game?! Does the game work on another PC?! Try that!