Deviance fifa 04




I’ve downloaded fifa 04 deviance. In the *.nfo file they say I should Unrar them and then I’ll have two *.bin & cue files, which should be burned with NEro onto two CD’s. However, first bin is 714mb and 2nd is 636mb. When I tried to burn the one with 736mb onto CD, Nero came up with message that Cd’s I’m using are CD-R and that I should use CD-RW. Can I somehow split first bin file so that it could fit it to my 700mb CD’s?
Greets, Zed


read the rules RETARD!!!


I would have put it a bit more politely, but this is probably one of the greatest displays of disrespect, requesting help on pirated software. I’ll be sure to forward any inquiries by the authorities if they come after us because of you. In mean time you can donate us USD 500 to start covering our legal costs.

I think you get the point…I really hope you get the point!