Developments on the DVD market

I just posted the article Developments on the DVD market….

During an official press-release of Pioneer, about the current status of the DVD-Recording market, several new things were told:

  • The DVR-S201 price will be lowered from 17.000$ to 5400$
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Sounds good…
I planned to buy one but regarding on of the issues is how much time approximately will be consumed during a full burning process?

1 hour.

hahahaha! its been possible to buy the Pioneer DVR-S201 for $5000 in Scandinavia the last ½ year. get real !!!

This is an official Pioneer statement… if somewhere in Scandinavia the thing is being sold for fewer that’s normal. Pioneer is indicating here a given salesprice (normal retail price), if people like to sell the drive for less, it is possible, only they take less margin on it. However you wont find the drive below 4800$$$$.
The point of this article however is to indicate that pricedroppings on the subject are happening and that we are moving towards the DVD-AGE.
Pioneer also announces here the first real DVD-CD recording Combo drive, wich offers writing on both CDR and DVD-R combined in one drive…
Now that’s interesting !!!

well i just bought this drive last week for 3000us$
brand new

Considering the fact that Im not a millionaire nor do I make thousaands of dollars every month, I wont be able to afford a DVD RW drive until the drive hits $500 in stores… Also, I would wait for some software (Possibly Clone-DVD) that would burn 1:1 copies of DVD’s… Until then Im not even thinking of owning one…

Hi there,

I know, from very reliable sources, that soon there will be a 30GB DVD-RW recorder available (within 18 months). This baby should replace the good-old (VHS-) videorecorders.

Cool news!

Yo silence,
Break the silence,what’s the price of that baby?

Wehkamp, a mail order company in holland sells a dvd writer for under 2000 guilders !

this is not a dvd writer but a dvdram …
you can buy dvdram for 1000 guilders if you look well