Development of online LibreOffice version started – to compete with Google Docs and Office 365



We’ve just posted the following news: Development of online LibreOffice version started – to compete with Google Docs and Office 365[newsimage][/newsimage]

The companies Collaborate and IceWarp have started development of a version of LibreOffice that runs in the browser and should compete with Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365.

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I feel ODF support will be one of its greatest features.

I already use Office Online and Google Docs, now a 3rd will be added to the mix.

Very good development.

Thanks Team LO Online.


Unfortunately if LibreOffice can’t go offline like MS Office it will play 3rd party to MS Office. If one can’t get both offline and online usage LibreOffice will not complete with MS Office.


@coolcolors:Â "The resulting LibreOffice should get full online edit and layout capabilities without requiring the end-user to install additional software.:

I think that means the online capabilities are being added to the existing LibreOffice which is offline only.


LibreOffice will probably be available offline for a very long time. Traditional ofline FOSS versions have been avaible for a handful of operating systems for years.

That said, I don’t understand why we need a “web app” version, since many LibreOffice users (including myself) are likely suspicious of program that run in “the cloud”. As Microsoft has proven time and again, using cloud apps allows whoever is hosting those apps a greater amount of power than traditional apps. That means more control, DRM that’s much harder to crack, and complete control over the users’Forum (lack of) privacy.

On a brighter note, I’ve been hoping for an Android port of LibreOffice for some time. Finally, a portable office app that respects the freedom of the users.