Development of 1 CLICK BLURAY COPY ceased due recent DVDFab event

We’ve just posted the following news: Development of 1 CLICK BLURAY COPY ceased due recent DVDFab event[newsimage][/newsimage]

The closure of the domain ordered by the AACS has its effect on other companies, as LG Software Innovations has announced it will discontinue development of their 1 CLICK BLU-RAY COPY software.

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AACS is nothing more than a pile of :Z

It appears we still have DVDFab for the moment to exorcise our fair use rights.

1CLICKDVDCOPY is one of best tools in the industry but it never intended to develop a Bluray program that decrypts, because , and this is just my personal opinion, they did not want put the integrity of their fantastic DVD copy program at risk. Again I want to reiterate that this is just my personal opinion. I have been very happy just watching regular DVDs before Blu-ray came upon the scene and I will continue to do so. When my son graduated from high and then from college I used 1ClickDVDCopy to make copies of all my videos and send them to family and friends, what a great program it is.:flower: