Developers revolt over change to subscription based licensing model by Jetbrains



We’ve just posted the following news: Developers revolt over change to subscription based licensing model by Jetbrains[newsimage][/newsimage]

Jetbrains, a developer of many tools for developers has seen its users revolt after it changed to a subscription based license model. The company previously sold perpetual licenses which offered users the possibility to extend their license if they wanted to continue to receive updates.

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I’m getting very sick of this trend of subscription/rent your software, Malwarebytes are the latest to do this. I emailed them about it and told them this was unacceptable to me, I got the stock answer from them about how they like to pay their staff etc. I mailed back and stated it surely would be better to get some money rather than none as I’m not going to rent their programmes/apps and they will get nothing.
I was mailed back very politely saying “If we can do ANYTHING” else to help don’t hesitate to contact us. I just use the free versions now.
I can see Microsoft and others doing this, it’s fine for them and people of greater means, but I can not and do not want to keep paying every year for more and more software.
I can also see this will very much encourage pirate activity. It’s a shame the majority of ordinary computer users can’t revolt about this, but what’s just as annoying is that people just accept it and pay up.


One of the many great things about FOSS software (especially free/libre software), is that nobody really “owns” in the same way that proprietary software is owned. From a practical standpoint, forcing people to rent FOSS programs is impossible, since there are no legal consequences to breaking the DRM that would be used to enforce such a practice. That’s assuming said individuals would actually want to go against the basic principles of the Free and Open Source communities.