Developers of Winamp: Why not to use WMA/MP3pro

I just posted the article Developers of Winamp: Why not to use WMA/MP3pro.

WINAMP3 used our newssubmit to tell us about an intresting post on the Winamp Forums that clearly calls to all users to not use the WMA or MP3Pro format.

These formats are all lossy…

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MP3 is the world standard for digital audio. Why mess with a good thing? Go get a copy of lame and encode away.

Hey fb- You dont like open source if I’m not wrong. I’m 95 % sure you posted on this site before that you don’t like open source. But LAME is open source! Hope you transistors don’t meltdown because of this contradiction! :stuck_out_tongue: Regards RubberDuck

Oh, and don’t use ASF either. The ASF file format. That format is hell to convert from… and it gets highly corrupted very easily. Stick with AVI/MPG. I’ve met a lot of people on IRC who swear by MP3pro. I have no idea why. I’ve never used Ogg Vorbis, how does it compare to Lame MP3?

Ogg Vorbis is losless compression I think its about half or less then half of WAV files and has the same quality (so its better then mp3) if u dont mind the size and like quality then this is what you want :slight_smile: i still stick with lame though…

Ogg Vorbis is LOSSLY compression and file sizes should be like MP3 (or even less)

:slight_smile: Ogg Vorbis seems to handle VBR better than mp3-vbr encode @ the kb/s.

Hey Mastakilla, you’re getting “Ogg” mixed up with “Shorten” which creates compressed lossless files thus *.shn :slight_smile:

Ogg is awesome, it kick’s MP3’s, even with LAME’s, ass. And just a note: AVI is terrible. No VBR support, terrible synch issues, etc. Use the Ogg format (Ogg is a format, Vorbis is a compression scheme. Don’t mix the two or I will have to kill you :slight_smile: … Just Kidding…

After trying out both mp3pro and WMA, I can’t say it lives up to their claims of “50% better” than normal mp3. In fact, I really don’t think thats its worth the hassel. Anyone else think so?

I for one am impressed with OGG… Shame that I dont want to convert my files to it because MP3 is so widely available for DVD players and car/portable CD players…

ogg vorbis is the best codec out there. perfect quality and very small size. but I still use the radium mp3 codec.

Why the Radium codec over the Lame codec? Also, can anyone say for sure whether full stereo is worth the extra size instead of joint stereo with Lame 3.90+ ?

yawn - This sounds a bit like the Beta vs VHS argument. Ultimately user uptake will decide whats wins, not who’s widget is technically better. In the case of the aboveforementioned the technically inferior won out, due largely to user uptake (Driven by manufacturer marketing, yes I know lets not digress)