Developer of DEAMON Tools: forget about 1:1 backups

I just posted the article Developer of DEAMON Tools: forget about 1:1 backups.

The developer of DEAMON Tools has posted information on our forum regarding the latest SecuROM versions. The developer of DEAMON Tools goes by the name VeNoM386, and you can consider him as…

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The days of Cloning is over :c But i tend to loose more and more interest in computers… So i guess that i can live with it…

cloning is NOT over. give it a while and it will be craked, and something new will come out.

“cloning is NOT over. give it a while and it will be craked” Paradox? If it’s cracked then it’s not cloning.

I agree that cloning is not over, but the way that i see it is that cloning is becoming a much more difficult chore. I reckon that there will still be some people attempting to clone cds, but as it gets progressively harder, more and more people will lose interest and just install cracks to the games and applications. That is just my view, but what does everyone else think?

IMHO . . I don’t really care one teeny bit whether I get a clone or not, just as long as the game works in its entirety as an end result. Infact - I like burning my backups with absolutely no protection what-so-ever, packaged with a cracked exe. That way, anyone can then make a simple backup with any burner - sorted. I’m not dissin’ anyone, but what is this fascination with 1 to 1 copies ? My 2 pennies worth. :4

completely agree with eBwoy cloning is a nice extra but certainly not necessary

eBwoy the only thing I don’t like about cracked games is that you must restore the original exe to install patches.

“eBwoy the only thing I don’t like about cracked games is that you must restore the original exe to install patches.” Yes I agree, plus the added disadvantage of having to find a new crack for the new version of the game.

I think if we like something we should buy it to credit the autor. I know I also copy some things, but when you start programming or designing and you see your work being distrobuted for free and cracked it hurts !!!

I’ve never understood the need for games cracks at the exe source. As stated the problem is that when you want to upgrade the game with the latest official patch you have to get a new crack. Why not just have a prog that sits between the source exe calls and the original CD media. I guess that’s where the emulation comes into play. Just have a prog that run before the source exe that intercepts the source exe’s calls and your sorted. Mind you not having much programming experience I have no idea how easy or hard this would be to do :slight_smile:

->DVDyke: The progs you have in your mind are called the LOADERs and have been existing a long time in the warez world. Unfortunately, this way of the cracking consumes pretty lots of a computing time and therefore it is NOT suitable for the games, but just for the user’s software and utilities. :7

Well i run a network and have all my cds on one drive and all systems use deamon tools to run them so no risk of the real ones getting dammaged if you have a 1 to 1 copy if it happens then u burn another, as you all know thats what i think is so important about 1 to 1 copys, more so when you own original cds like Visual studio 6 @ £1800. for 3 disks!! like fuck would i buy it again if one broke and microsoft sure as fuck wouldnt send me a replacement, so yeh a 1 to 1 copy is very important to me , either that or they make copying almost impossible and give you two copys with your purchase one as a backup just in case! (just what were all doing anyway? right guys? lol)it will never happen, so in the meantime you need to do something to protect your cds from the less carefull guy in your workplace or your 7 year old who likes to use them as frizbies.:slight_smile:

Loaders are eventually beat so they aren’t much good. All I want is a way to run a game and be able to apply any future patch needed without having to go through a lot of trouble. A 1:1 copy allows this.