Developement and state of QPxTool…

As far as I know, QPxTool is the only open-source and the only cross-platform disc quality scanning tool in existence (and bundles a few additional command line utilities next to its graphical program).

This is very significant, because the ability to reliably predict failures is one of the greatest benefits of optical media. This is not possible with hard drives, SSD or tape storage. (S.M.A.R.T. is just a rough guess, while optical media quality scanning is an accurate measurement.)

On their website, the last two posts are from 2020-01-28 (0.8.0 release) and 2012-12-13 (0.7.2) – a seven-year gap!

There are feature suggestions on their forums that I doubt the developers have checked for at least year. I have also failed to reach the developer per email.

It appears that the developement has pretty much stagnated. I hope it will be revived as soon as possible.

If you read through the qpxtool code, you will see that a lot of the scanning specific stuff are scsi commands which are undocumented. (I have no idea how the qpx authors figured these out originally).

If recent/current cd/dvd drives are added to qpxtool, it will likely require some reverse engineering of already existing quality scanning programs.

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In addition, some DVD specifications are behind ugly paywalls and those obtaining the information are prohibited from disclosure.[1]