Develop android



friends, i got a project to develop some android app…
i listened about android sdk but dont know where to start …help


Well, to start with app development process I am going to give you 8 tips which you should take care of:

  1. Make a Great Product
  2. Build it with Virality
  3. Dare not to forget Android
  4. Don’t Ignore Small Markets
  5. The Key is Marketing
  6. …But Leave Expert Do it
  7. Keep track of everything
  8. Make It Free

Just keep a watch over these tips to start with !


Developing for Android it not as easy at it seems. You need at least some basic programming skills and when possible even some Java knowledge. I’ve created the Myce Android App and while I had some experience in PHP, it was very hard (but I built it from the ground up)

I used Eclipse with ADT, but if you feel that’s too difficult, you can also download Android Studio which pretty much contains all you need.

You’ll need to get acquainted with the Android OS, understanding the layout goes in XML files and the code in classes. You also have to understand the cycle of an Android app and then in the Android API.

For some functionality of your app you can use excellent libraries, e.g Volley to retrieve data from a backend, or an image grid and in my app I also use “Pull down to refresh”, for all libraries you also have to understand how they work in order to incorporate their functionality.

You can only learn it when you have a lot of times in your hand and you’re really determined if you don’t have any programming background.