Devastation and SafeDisc 2.9



Anyone got any ideas on what settings or method I should use to burn this game ‘Devastation’ with CloneCD on my Liteon 24102B (24x) writer?

Thanks in advance



There seems to be no difference between 2.8x and 2.9x; the Lite-On burners either do it or they don’t. All ASUS two-sheep burners will do it.

Read the FAQ and dowload the Lite-On SafeDisc profile pinned to the top of this forum. Try the AWS feature if Ignore does not work.

A search for devestation will help as well :wink:


Well mine can copy all 2.8 discs but whenever I insert a 2.9 game the drive has problems reading the disc. It’s like having dirt on the CD, the laser just cannot read the disc properly in order to verify it. I have tried diiferent profiles but they all yield the same result. I have even tried lower the read/write speed but this didn’t work either.

Any other suggestions?


you could try also the latest version of Alcohol of other combination of software like Discdump/fireburner or discjuggler, just to be sure… a lot of people seems to have problem with Safedisc 2.9 (or I wrong?).

Ps: olli give a look to this new wersion,please:D

Update: Logicwatch posted on Alcohol forum that the copy of the copy doesn’t work anymore… the new degrading signature???


i wanna add from my experiences:
use the newest version of alcohol or blindwrite, they should do the job for your liteon. if you don’t wanna pay sth use the discdump/fireburner which are free tools as far as i know (?).
clonecd is a great tool but basically fails for the latest protections


Ok cheers, but what settings do I use in Fireburner to copy SD 2.9 games???


I like DDump/Nero. I think its the easiest combo.


Originally posted by StarGhost
Ok cheers, but what settings do I use in Fireburner to copy SD 2.9 games???

Burn the discdump image using either dao16 or dao96.


Do I need to play with any other settings in Fireburner or is that all I need to do? :bow:


See the sticky.


Ok Thanks all :slight_smile: