Deus Ex

Can copy game using clone and twin peaks. Installation disc works fine (game runs off this disc) but installation fails at about 95% on second disc (game disc).Files on this disc are zipped but only recognized by its own install program. If the install is completed using the original “game disc” then it is quite happy to run from the burnt “installation disc”. Any ideas what apart from securerom is preventing the install from the “game disc”.

Try and make a copy of the game disc, with no special options i.e use nero. There are some issues with Twinpeaked cd’s installing. See philamber’s tutorial on it. Keep your second disc (the one you twinpeaked) for playing and the second one(with no special options) for install purposes only.

5 shiny new coasters now. There is definitely something other than securerom 5 on the “game disc” of Deux-Ex: Invisible War.
Continue to get Feature Transfer Error message at about 95% install. Feature- Invisable War Game Files
No matter what combination of burn programmes used. Will allow use of install disc (burnt) and game disc (original).

Make a game disc, without any special settings. (No twinpeaks, no BWA)