Deus Ex: Invisible War

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[B]The french version is on DVD too, and shows the same protection.


It seems to have a special feature : it seems that if you have an emulation copy program installed ( as blind or clone ), the game refuses to launch, saying " a conflict has occured with emulation device".

It is an original game, not a copy.

Has anyone infos on that? [/B]
i hav erunning bw4, bw5, clonecd and deamon tools on my computer, and deus ex runs with the original dvd.


I know this Problem ! Its on the German DVD version too !

And Eidos itself says, that you should install this Software again. Then it should work ! (not tested by myself)

the problem seems to be with tweaker 1.5.5. If you have that on your pc and you have ran it, then you get this conflict with emulator error when trying to start the game. It doesnt help to reinstall the game

They said to reinstall ALco and Co . Not the Game !