Deus Ex 2 Invisible Wars, and the answer from Eidos to the problems with Securom



Hi all,

I sent an email to Eidos complaining about not being able to play Deus-Ex 2, Invisible Wars from the Original DVD, and I got the reply back today. I just thought it would be interesting to everyone that might be having the same problems because they have Alcohol, BW, BWtweaker, or Daemon Tools on their PC. first a copy of my mail to them.

start of mail

I cant play this game because of the Securom5 Protection that Eidos uses, and the fact that I have Copy software installed on your system.

It says on the Eidos Site that if you get message “Conflict with Emulator Software” while trying to run the game, and you have copy software such as Blindwrite, Alcohol120, Deamontool, or some other software which uses virtual drives or emulation, you must deinstall these to play the game.

The problem is, that even though I took the trouble of deinstalling all the Legally Bought copy software, (that I by the way have a right to have on my computer), I still cant get the original DVD to play the game. Since I dont feel like Reinstalling Windows with a fresh Installation just to play this game, I am screwed by the politics of Eidos Software and their copy protection scheme.

I have read a bit on different forums in the internet, and many have this problem with the conflict error, and dont even have any of the above mentioned software installed on their systems.

Not to even talk about the legalities of requiring someone to deinstall other legal software to be able to use Software bought from Eidos, you should do something to fix this problem of not being to use the Original Disk to play the game. We customers arent all so well versed in what secret drivers software installs to emulate, and doesnt remove when its deinstalled. We cant be expected to manually delete drivers that we dont even know the names of. We shouldnt be penalized for having installed software on our computer, that may have even been deinstalled already at some time, and software that we have a legal right to have installed on our systems.

For myself, I am going to return Deus-Ex Invisible Wars and get my money back. Maybe if Eidos does something to fix this problem with a future patch, I might buy the game again. Until then, I want to thank Eidos for saving me 60 Bucks. Too bad Eidos lost money on the deal, but thats not my fault.

Maybe if enough people complain, you see how much money they are losing, you will do something.

I really dont expect a reply to this mail, because I dont think anyone at Eidos has the balls to give a response. The best response would be to fix the problem. Legally, as has been decided with CDs with copy protection, you are required to place on the Package that Owners of copy software may not be able to play this game without deinstalling it.

end of mail

Now the answer from Eidos. This is really a super response. I didnt even expect one at all, but this takes the cake.

start of mail from Eidos

who ist the real problem? The guy who copys software or the company which tries to protect it’s software?
The software companys need to protect their products because of the illegal behaviour of millions of users. It’s a shame, that someone who bought software legally can’t run it, but under the current circumstances the games industrie has no choice. We need to protect our software, or do you know anyone who feels guilty when he uses copied software or hears copied music?

Securom is a good copyprotection and the cases of incompatibility with drives are only a few. We don’t want, but we have to accept these cases of incompatibility, and if you would work for a music or a games company and your place of work (and perhaps the wealth of your family) would be affected by the software pirates you might think different.

Please don’t get me wrong. We hate it, that some of our customers have problems with the copyprotection, but we don’t see another way of protecting our intelectual property. I understand that you are angry, but the shop will refund the price.

Sorry for my bad English. :o)

Did you deactivate all virtual CD/DVD-Drives, did you deactivate all background tasks (Virus Scanner etc.) and empty the Win temp folder (delete all .tmp files)

By the way: Trading and buying (i’m not sure if also owning) of programms which are designed to bypass copyprotection is illegal in Germany.

end of mail

So, bottom line is, they say just return the game, and get your money back. You are only a few, and dont really count anyway.
I just wonder how few we really are.

This was of course to Eidos here in Germany. I wrote them in English, since its my native tongue, and I wanted to post the answer anyway, (if I got one), so I am glad I didnt have to translate it. This attitude from Eidos is just telling us if we want to be able to play the game, and we have copy software on our PC, then we have to rely on the authors of Alcohol, BW and such to fix it so we can play the game, or we can take the game back, and they will gladly return our money. I just wonder how many people will copy the game, use emulation, and then return the game using the legal excuse that the Original dont work on their PC. At least here in germany, they have to take the game back at the store and give the money back. This is of course not the case on software where the Original Disk doesnt cause problems, or When it is stated on the Package that the software might not run if you have certain software installed, as is now on Music CDs that are copy protected.

At any rate, Eidos left their rear end showing on this one, and It could cost em a bunch. From what I can read in the forums, other Securom 5 protected games have the exact same problem with emulation software, or when it at least thinks there is emulation software on the PC. One example is the addon to Viet Cong.

well, this is long enough.



good news for all having problems with the european DVD version of Deus-Ex 2.

There is a new .exe file for the game on the securom website

It fixes the problem with the original disk not working with tweaker on the pc. It even lets the original run the game with rmps activated in alcohol120.

Seems like someone put some heat on about the problems playin the original DVD, and Securom reacted.




So, now its been a few days. Have any of you had any luck with the patch? Or has it not been working.

A little feedback would be great


well if they screwed you buy the game not running on your pc… i would say screw them and use a CD C***K! :wink: to make the game work… u aint got any other choice when a game wont work that u legitly bought :slight_smile:

but then again if u wanna play online your probably screwed :frowning: