DeUHD vs MakeMKV vs AnyDVD HD

AnyDVD is just started that. No it cant rip every UHD yet. Neither can DeUHD or MakeMKV, but AnyDVDHD came late to the party, I would use DeUHD it was first to the party. BluRay and UHD are two different decryptions.

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I must disagree. Actually, MakeMKV supports many more discs (over 600 when I checked over a week ago out of the almost 800 commercially available UHD Blu-ray discs)—more than DeUHD who is purposely overcharging. Additionally, MakeMKV is much faster than DeUHD at ripping. Finally, AnyDVD will likely support more than MakeMKV since RedDox is using an improved, proprietary method and, according to tests by several users using the latest beta, it is the fastest of them by far at ripping.

They all have merits. AnyDVD and MakeMKV offer speed where DeUHD is slower. AnyDVD should be easier on users by removing the need to manually keep a keydb.cfg or keys_hashed.txt file updated. MakeMKV is cheaper. On the flip side AnyDVD and MakeMKV only work with “UHD friendly” drives whereas DeUHD works with both friendly and some certified UHD drives. I think I saw it mentioned that MakeMKV might work with some certified drives at some point. Did I hallucinate that? Regardless, until that happens DeUHD has the market cornered in that respect. It really comes down to user preference.


Maybe. However, many people are just interested in either playing them or archiving them. AnyDVD HD is also adding in a hack to allow playback of UHD movies with friendly drives in Cyberlink PowerDVD, thereby making this a moot point. See the changelog for their latest round of betas. My advice: just get a UHD friendly drive which is cheaper and avoid the expense of a fancy official UHD drive. Besides, reflashing a drive like the BH16NS40 that has been patched for the workaround is simple, anyway.

No, it was not just you. I saw it mentioned in the RedFox forums. I cannot ascertain the poster’s source who claims this is the case, though. Maybe you saw it somewhere else? I did a quick and dirty scan of the MakeMKV forums and I did not find anything.

“MakeMKV is Better and Quicker” - Uhg… No, it is not ‘better’ in any generic sense. What they are is “different”.
Aside from decrypting, they do not do the same thing at all. MakeMKV is great for doing exactly what it’s name says, making an MKV. It can’t make an ISO out of the disc (like many of us do for things like 3d BR), and can’t present the disc ans unencrypted to all other apps which can use the data (like mkvtoolnix, players like MPC-HC, re-encoding programs, etc) . Nor can it do all the great things anydvd does when playing a disc like removing hardware problems like HDCP compliance and making playback better by removing adverts, unskippable content etc.

The are both great pieces of software that anyone concerned with having their discs available on HDD should be supporting.

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Is this quote (1551) from Balthazar2k4 the reference to some certified drives working at some point ?
Also, he has reported that cerified drive LG WH16NS60 works for him with makemkv

Actually @alan1476, DeUHD and MakeMKV (soon) can use the LG certified drive. So there are other avenues.

I expect this will open up further with time. We are still pretty early in the game.

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I agree, I will use AnyDVDHD also.

Yes, I mentioned that MakeMKV does work for me on my certified NS60 drive. I do not know when Mike will make the ability public.

As for which is better, DeUHD, AnyDVD, or MakeMKV, it really comes down to personal preference. No reason to turn it into a software pissing match. I prefer MakeMKV, but it works with my certified drive and offers good speed plus I always make MKVs of the main file anyway. For my workflow it is perfect. That said, I own AnyDVD HD and DeUHD licenses’ as well. Use what you like.

Let’s just be happy that we have three options to choose from. Just 4 months ago we had none.


Hear, hear. I am with Balthazar2k4 on this 200 percent!

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MakeMKV can also do full folder backups, which is effectively the same as an ISO.

IMHO, once Mike rolls out support for official UHD drives I will have zero reason to use anything else.

I couldn’t agree more. It comes down to what each user’s end goal is and a preferred workflow.

The entire situation of multiple options for decryption is no different than dealing with DVDs, Blu-ray, etc. More options is never bad regardless of not necessarily being a fan of a particular developer in some cases. That isn’t the case in this situation. :slight_smile: Multiple options provides redundancy and can drive one developer to offer a feature that might make things easier, nicer, etc. Competition drives innovation. In the end it’s a win for everyone.

NOTE: Hope to see mike publicly release the version that works with certified drives sometime soon. I’d like to have more options. I have an LG WH16NS60 and a couple ASUS BW-16D1HT drives.

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Agreed. Just from my view, DeUHD is overcharging to take advantage of early adopters. But the options and possibilities now are truly astounding, for which I am thankful.

I thought this for the longest time as well when I first saw it a month or two ago, but this is a common misconception. You can actually do a full disc backup as well. See here:

Another vote for ‘the more,the merrier’…:flower:
Although I like some programs more than others,it never stopped me from using my less preferred ones to get the job done…:bigsmile:

About AnyDvd HD,can some1 with an unsupported disc try this ?

Disable windows firewall,try to rip the unsupported disc with AnyDvd HD and see if Windows 10 automaticly restarts it’s firewall after the AnyDvd error messages…

I guess this explains why he inexplicably lists the three official UHD drives on the UHD drives thread while stating only UHD friendly drives work. Maybe it is to keep the manufacturers in the dark about yet another undisclosed exploit so they do not patch that one as well. That said, I asked before about the two slim laptop drives (the BU40N and BU50N) and no one could confirm if they work or not:


You might want to take a closer look at the info at those links… :wink: They both highlight that no, MakeMKV can’t copy the disc as an ISO, it just can copy the folder/file structure to HDD.
But again, that isn’t the only or even primary difference or benefit of AnyDVD. Whether the other capabilities are of value is up to the user’s goals. But again, unless you don’t ever see anytime at which you’d want to simply play a disc (like a rental or for going back for special features, commentary, etc), have additional protections concerns removed (like Cinavia checks in PowerDVD) or work with a disc on another program directly, I think it is worthwhile to have both and to financially support both teams.
Worst case you have a backup app for decryption in case something happens, say like Mike gets kidnapped by movie studio hitmen and disappears as may currently be the case… :grin:

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