DeUHD users complain they can't install the software on Windows 10


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Arusoft reports on our forum that there is an issue with DeUHD and Windows 10. Users complain they are unable to install the Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping software on Microsoft’s latest Windows version. The culprit is an update for Windows 10 that was released a week ago.


I would advise they fix their software removing security updates is not a fix.


Glad I use another that works when I want it to work.


You and I both and I see they lowered their insane prices to 199.00 Euro with no disc limit per day this maybe enough to put them out of business if they can’t get the software working quickly.


You should tell the truth. DeUHD is the only software that won’t work after the Windows 10 cumulative update, because your DeUHD library, which handles ATAPI devices, is not digitally signed and it fails the driver signature check. And your workaround is not a valid solution because the cumulative update fixes other issues (like security breaches) and it is useful.

Arusoft should be ashamed, IMHO.


That update had been stopped from updating, they are going to overwrite the harmful update.