DeUHD lifetime licenses no longer available, replaced by 6 month autorenewed licenses


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After yesterday’s boozing, Arusoft today removed the lifetime licenses from their website. Their Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping software is now only available in licenses that last 6 months and cost €60. The company also no longer sells their hardware bundles with a lifetime license included.


Auto renew My Credit card No way…Forget it…They got Drunk HMMM no wonder why they are so slow getting titles out or do not reply in a timely fashion to customers.


That is an interesting take. I chalk it up to ‘shit happens’ and I can’t really fault them for getting drunk. That would be pretty hypocritical on my part. I was actually glad/surprised to see their frankness on the matter.

As for them being slow to add titles, well, I am not sure I would agree with that. While new titles aren’t necessarily happening in big groups weekly, the adding of support for existing supported titles for different regions is. To me I could see that being a priority as they are advertising support for a given title and they need it to work across as many variations as possible.

I have also had pretty good support with them. I have had a few issues that I emailed them on and generally received a response within 24 hours. Seems timely to me, but this is also my personal experience. YMMV.

What I can agree with is the auto-renew policy for the new subscription model. Unless you have a spare credit card you can set aside for this purpose only I am still not super trusting of them on this matter yet. Fortunately, I purchased the lifetime license so I should be good for as long as they are in business.


Is there no open-source cross platform alternative?


Go figure I figure they were not all monkey there. So now they throw a Monkey Wrench into the mix. This is how they will die a thousands web cuts. Oh well it was fun while it lasted right…


Frankly, I don’t see a subscription model as a bad thing in this instance. It gets more people potentially in the door due to a lower cost of entry. It also provides a more even cash flow for Aruosft as opposed to the one-and-done lifetime license approach. It is difficult to maintain working capital when you are a small organization with a piece of software that is flying under the radar. I simply can’t fault them for taking the step. What does surprise me is that they eliminated the lifetime license entirely. I foresee them reversing course on that.


It was the smartest move they made up until this point, Lifetime licenses are the death of a software company.


We have to assume they don’t get shutdown by our friendly friends as well. 6 months is more a cash cow then continue developments and supports. They could do the 1 or 2 yr model and that could keep their clientele longer.


If I were them I would do a monthly model, for 29.99 a month.


Lol! Of all the reasons they could have used to explain the delayed updates… they “got drunk”. I would have mentioned something about “technical difficulties” or something.

Honestly, I don’t expect them to last. You don’t tell people who are expecting updates that those updates aren’t coming because you’ve had too much alcohol. And more importantly, you don’t get drunk just before updates are expected. The fact that Arusoft didn’t know any better shows they have a lot to learn. And their inability to recognize that has probably damaged their reputation already.

However, I do hope they manage to prove me wrong. The more decryption options there are, the better. Also, I’m not really mad about them failing to release an update on time. It happens. (If I were in charge of making commercial software, I’d probably take the Debian approach to deciding when to release updates: they’ll be ready when they’re ready.) I just think they should have kept their own reputation in mind when they mentioned why they updates were delayed.

On a plus note, there’s something utterly hilarious about how casually they mentioned getting drunk. It’s almost as if someone left their computer unattended long enough for some prankster to leave their website with a little… surprise. I wonder if whoever wrote that message was drunk at the time.

Also, with all the CDFreaks here, I’m surprised someone didn’t make an Alcohol Soft pun. Does anyone remember Alcohol 120%, or it’s freeware equivalent Alcohol 52%? Arusoft got intoxicated on disk burning!:grinning:


I like the RedFox model better that gives user time to decide do I keep going 1 yr or 2 yr. Doing it monthly would mean if one doesn’t keep paying then they can’t use it. That would go against the business model to sustain them over the long term. If users have to decide 1 or 2y r plan that would make them stay longer knowing one time and they don’t have to say is my decryption up to date and you might not be at a location that doesn’t have wifi and then you can’t update what then?


Lifetime licences are still available at DeUHD. 480.95 US Dollars


wow , the first price for LifeTime License was 199€ then suspended for a short period ,then activated again at 299€ and now fixed at 399€ :scream: