DeUHD Launched Lifetime Licence and Drive combo


You can buy DeUHD lifetime license and bluray Drive ASUS BC-12D2HT together at the discount price 165€ now. The drive will surely read uhd discs and work with DeUHD software.

Besides, we added Japanese language on the web


Just bought lifetime licence and bluray drive Asus BC-12D2HT for £163 had NO confirmation email on either, so any way i downloaded the programme and entered my email from which i received a reply and activation link . All is ok with the install but obviously i can not test it as i have no optical drive yet , I’ve contacted DeUHD by their customer help page twice now and have not had any reply… i may have just lost £163 but i hope not .


I bet they will reply, have sent them some e-mails earlier and they are a bit slow to answer


Possibly a slow process, the email wound up in a black hole, or the ordering process still leaves something to be desired…

Personally, I’ve found the automated ordering/processing system lacking due to a lack of detailed information. I don’t recall receiving a confirmation email and I definitely didn’t receive any order details on the website upon order completion let alone an invoice number of any kind to refer to if there were an issue. I contacted Arusoft and they provided me an invoice upon request. They may or may not have improved the process since then. Sounds like possibly not. Everything went just fine minus the lack of detailed information which was something that I found to be extremely annoying.

I would expect that your order likely went through and everything will be fine but it couldn’t hurt to contact them and request confirmation. Customer service was extremely nice and helpful.

PS: My experience occurred quite a few months ago.


well I do hope they reply tom77_no as I need to organise someone to be here for delivery…

the strange thing is when I initially tried to buy this package my payment was not successful

the payment was declined so I emailed DeUHD to ask why and within minutes I received a reply

telling me that my card issuer had stopped the transaction and I should contact them .

So I contacted them and they then put the payment through but told me it looked suspicious


I’ve tried to contact them twice as I did mention in my original post, but like you say its extremely annoying.


I tried with visa, but that didnt get through. Then with mastercard and that was successful


So it’s been a week now since i bought lifetime licence and bluray drive Asus BC 12D2HT for £163 and I’ve had no answer To as when i will get the optical drive.

I’ve tried on two occasions to contact DeUHD To query my purchase but I’ve heard nothing.

Does anyone know the average time it takes to receive a reply from DeUHD …thanks


Hi, I replied your email twice but failed without knowing the reason.The following is the delivery info, and I guess you will get the drive soon. I also send you the tracking number here, please check your message box.


Thank you for the reply and assuring me that my drive is imminent. Now i can arrange to be there when the drive arrives

As to the email I’m puzzled as to why they weren’t delivered not even to my junk bin
I will send you another just to see if it now works thanks----- Pronto


Drive arrived today so I’m happy . I dont know how far it has travelled but packaging seems just about adequate
no retail box (obviously) clear plastic bag inside a large folded padded envelope inside a cardboard box… Just to test now
And find out how to stop windows 10 from updating the driver mmmmmmm.


IT is the firmware you need to worry about just don’t flash your new drive with an updated firmware and your all set MS windows does not update your new drives firmware so your all set in istall it and rip your 4K Movies.:biggrin:


So windows does not install firmware but maybe finds firmware for me to install is i wish to. But does it install drivers that could could render this drive useless…???


Windows will not install any drivers that will harm your new Drives ability to work and rip 4K movies.

The drives Firmware you have to download yourself and (flash your drives firmware manually) do not flash your drive to an updated firmware and your all set.
Windows does not do that just install your new drive and rip your 4K movies.


Brilliant. Now i will get this fitted as soon as my weekend shift ends …thanks


so I installed the drive and made a backup of a 4K UHD Blu-Ray it took just over an hour and it played back great on dvdfab player 5 apart from no dolby atmos and that’s the

dvdfab player itself its no good with audio especially HDMI passthrough to my receiver which

is dolby atmos and dts x capable…

correction:… Dvdfab player 5 was not set up correctly (my fault) and now plays with Dolby Atmos and DTS X


I like the idea of bundling drive with application software.


well the drive works ok but its hellish noisy as for the price yeah a bit OTT and the software is hit n miss.

I did try to obtain a drive from the good old USA but I think the man selling them must have thought I wasn’t serious and the conversation went dead,