DeUHD Failure


Hi All,

I’m running the licensed version of DeUHD on a windows 7 PC with a LG WH16NS60 drive. I have tested with both “The Martian - Extended Edition” and “Lucy NA”. DeUHD scans the disks and reports both as unsupported. I find it hard to believe that I’ve run into different versions of both disks so I suspect this could be user error. Is there anything unobvious about setting up either my system or the application that would cause these symptoms. I’ve tried to contact Arusoft through the web page and haven’t heard anything back…

Thanx in advance for any ideas you might have…


I don’t think the odds are as bad as you think. I’m at 2 for 5 of discs that should be supported actually being supported.


Sometimes Region is the biggest problem next would be internet connection
just a couple of thoughts


Thanx for your thoughts. Based on you comments I have a few more discs coming to try out. Is there a preferred format for requesting new discs from Arusoft since it doesn’t appear as simple as just title?


You can browse the DeUHD section and hopefully come up with more info


im having problems ripping 2 blurays 1 is still encrypted when using deuhd full version and 1 is ripping in parts any ideas?


So far I’ve been zipping up the AACS folder from the disc and e-mailing it to them, but I don’t know if that’s sufficient yet, or if they need the physical disc. They haven’t responded to my e-mail, so I guess I just hope that next week a bunch of my discs show up on their supported list.


I’ve read back. They are requesting the country of the disk, the log file located at C:\Users\user name\Documents\DeUHD\Log and the Clipinfo, AACS, and Playlist directories.


Thanks, will also add that to the FAQ!