DeUHD Down?


Seems they are offline at present.


There has not been an update for weeks, turned off?


As a few here have speculated, once Arusoft made a deal with DVDfab it was only a matter of time until they pulled the plug on DeUHD. Once they stopped updating DeUHD I figured it’s days were numbered. Ironically, DVDfab’s UHD ripper is far cheaper than what Arusoft was offering direct. Between that and the competition from the likes of MakeMKV and Redfox they really didn’t stand a chance of gaining new business and I am sure the money we spent on the software is long gone. They simply didn’t have a viable business model with their pricing structure.


Might just be server problems they were up and running yesterday.


I reached out to them to see what’s going on. They replied they have server issues indeed.


They are back up.


Glad to see they didn’t just close up shop, but I am doubtful they are going to correct the compatibility issues now seen with Windows 10. I am not rolling back Windows just to maintain DeUHD operation…


Nor am I. They need a working driver.


Offline again. This time there is no DNS record for


Going to makes it appear the site is offline. Using works.


Doesn’t work for me either way.


Try the IP:

Server: localhost

Non-authoritative answer:


None works for me (can’t resolve an IP Addy from the DNS Servers).
App does not connect to the server either.

@DrinkLyeAndDie what IP Address do you get for


Too fast! - I can ping : but using a browser just brings me back to:

This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.


It’s back up.