DeUHD Discussion Thread V2.0.0.0 07/15/2019

From V 2.0.0, DeUHD has been able to rip ALL UHD discs. 

If you failed to open your disc, just retry after 1 working day. DeUHD will decrypt it automatically for you!

It’s not clear what changed …

My guess… Sounds like they have completely automated their backend to generate keys from unsupported discs.

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Agreed. Arusoft tends to be vague when it comes to release notes. Your interpretation is exactly how I read the changelog.

Agreed. I assume there’s some sort of brute force chicanery going on, and they’ve automated their backend such that the keys are generated based on automated submissions. That would explain the need for 24 hours. (Granted, I doubt it takes that long, but it’s a good length of time in case something goes wrong and the server has to be rebooted or whatever.)