DeUHD and BD-J

Apparently DeUHD can handle the decryption of Midway, but does it also deal with the BD-J (screenpass - multiple playlist) protection?

It does not provide any insight into the correct playlist such AnyDVD or DVDFab.

I guess the question is, does the decrypted copy play correctly?
This would be the first step. Oh well, I might have to find out later.

The decryption process has nothing to do with ScreenPass. The resulting output from DeUHD plays fine. The fun part is figuring out the correct playlist.

I realize that encryption and protection are two different things.
Seems that what you are saying, if I am correct, is that the encryption and the protection are both dealt with, however if I want to make a movie only backup I will have lots of fun because the correct playlist is not shown to the user.
Oy Vey, just keeps getting better, BD-J and AACS 2.1

I guess the best guess in this case, BD-J and AACS 2.0, is to submit a dump to makemkv,
wait until Redfox catches up, and have Redfox tell me the playlist

That’s pretty much correct. I have been using a trial version of DVDfab as Redfox has been slow to update.


There are also some tricks you can use with PowerDVD to find the right playlist but it’s very hit-and-miss. I’ve also used BDEdit a couple of times to find the one playlist with a different running time or something similar. It’s not true for all discs but it’s often true for PBS discs. Only the one correct playlist has the sponsors at the end (which, conveniently enough, BDEdit lets you edit out).