DeUHD Discussion Thread


The new version 1032 added “Install DeUHD drive” installation option.

Unchecking this option will also enable you to rip disc to ISO or Hard Disc.
If you have “Error Installation” before, please uncheck this option.
If you want to choose unchecking this option, please uninstall the old version and reboot first.

Checking this option will not only allow you ripping disc but also allow you playing discs directly with third-party player

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I found the wording of the changes to be somewhat confusing but also read between the lines and gave it a shot. I can confirm that this works on a fully updated Windows 10 1803 x64 system with Secure Boot enabled. This is accomplished by DeUHD no longer installing the driver for those who select not to. I can just rip to HDD/SSD first which is fine by me. At least I once again have this in my toolbox and can actually make use of the software that I paid for.

PS: The wording is made more confusing by the use of the word “drive”. Really, it should be “driveR”.


Not just you. The announcement’s wording makes little sense. Didn’t run it past a native English speaker apparently.