DeUHD Discussion Thread

#1 04/09/2018

Support some new discs, check the details from
Added support for different versions of some titles already on the list.

Suggestions to Arusoft on improving DeUHD

It’s funny AruSoft doesn’t say a word about fixing their signature problems with latest DeUHD versions, including the last one which, of course, will not work even with Redstone 4 Build (17133.1). I think it’s time to try any other valid and more reliable software.

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My first choice would be MakeMKV, but if you need something with more on-the-fly capability like DeUHD try out AnyDVD HD.


I’ve all of them with Lifetime license but it’s time for DeUHD to do a “quality jump” if they want to be an “alternative” to other useful (and maybe better) softwares, fixing their driver signature check as well as to extend support of new titles faster than before.


Hard for me not to speculate with Arusoft licensing its technology to DVDFab. It doesn’t instill any confidence that they will resolve the issue with driver signing in DeUHD.