DeUHD released - adds feature to speed up support of new movies

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Arusoft today released version of their Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping tool DeUHD. This version adds support for new movies, as usual, but also adds the possibility to upload new disc information. This feature should speed up the addition of new movies to the software.

I will stick with Make MKV faster support for movies and @ a cost of $50.00 USD a hell of a better deal than DeUHD’S crazy aSS daily limits and prices.

MakeMKV has no daily limit…:rofl:

Yes it have, you can’t rip more disc every day than it suports :rofl: :yum:

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Its hard to keep up with a the new stuff from all 3 programs, I like DeUHD but I wish they supported the new real LG UHD derives, maybe MakeMKV or RedFox will allow the new real UHD drive to work soon.

You and I both I think it will happen sooner than later once they do I will buy a certified UDH Burner.