Detriot mayor kilpatrick resigns over sex scandel

Detroit mayor KILPATRICK.was forced to resign because
of a sex scandel. Is it fair? and what about SAN FRANCISCO
mayor GAVIN NEUSSEM .Should he have to resign as well
for his sex scandel with rubbing RUBY or what ever her name
was. SEN. LARRY CRAIG or the rest. Is their a double standard?
ZAP.:eek::eek: the link is

And here I was thinking the USA loved virile leaders …

There was a lot more than a sex scandal behind this, like a loaded Lincoln Navigator that the city bought for drug surveillance, but is was in the posession of the mayor’s wife as her personal vehicle. Other stuff too I just can’t remember, well a stripper was at a party at the mayor’s home and she was murdered a few weeks later, see what I mean?

I get what you mean. However I still have a problem
that the same standard wasn’t held up to that
republican senator LARRY CRAIG.and our buddy over
here in the bay area of california KING GAVIN , when
he was caught with rubbing RUBY [OR WHATEVER HER NAME