Detonator Question

I’ve got the 40.72 dets and i don’t know how to enable cloning of the screen picture to the tv it was simple to do with 30.82 but i don’t want to go back. if i just enables the tv as a screen in windows screen control panel the desktop is expanded to the tv and i don’t want that if I uncheck the box saying “expand the windows desktop to this monitor” (my windows is swedish so this is my translation) the tv goes black :frowning: . I can’t find anything in the new settings layout. I run Win Xp home.

Does anybody know how to disable the translation in the detonator controls? the swedish translation sucks so i don’t understand half of the text (probably generated with some program )

It would be really nice if someone could help me out on this one, please.

first you have to connect the TV to the ouput of the video card, then the video card will recognize the television and it will give of high the options for clone or to extend the desktop.

I wait to have helped you

I had my TV connected to the PC i just couldn’t find the clone image setting in the new detonator control panel. But now i have found it (translations suck!) thanks anyway

BTW does anyone know how to change the language back to the original (english )in the detonator conrols it automaticlally sets it self to the language of the os (Swedish) and the translation sux!

And the reason i couldn’t find it was that i had the TV enabled as second screen in the windows screen control panel an then the settins page i was looking for mysteriously disapeared. When I disabled the TV in the windows screen control i could set it to clone in the Detonator controls. Weird!