Determining type of protection on a CD

I am interested in making a copies of some game CDs for my kids so they can play some games at the same time on two separate computers. I am using CloneCD 4.0 and have downloaded the game profiles on the boards here.

But, how do I know which profile to use? Is there some software that can scan a game CD and tell me what type of protection it uses? Or do I have to become famaliar with what types of files are associated with each type of CD protection and look for them on each game CD?

Ok, I found out that is what Clony does.

Originally posted by Scooby13
Ok, I found out that is what Clony does.

See, reading through our forum gets you the fastest answers :wink:

Well, I know what Clony doesn’t do. It detects neither Cactus 200 nor Doc.lok. protection :frowning:

Cloney is known for its poor audio protection detecting capabilities.