Determining tracks on Mixed CDs



Hi. Is there a database out there that can determin what individual music tracks are on CDs that have a mixed collection of tracks. Thanks.


What do you mean?

What does “Mixed CD” mean in your opinion?


What I mean is that i have a couple of Music cds taht i burned a while ago. I took different tracks from other cds and mixed them onto one cd. Now if i play it in lets say windows media player it doesnt tell me the name of the tracks. Is there anyway to determine the tracks on the cd without actually figuring out all the information for each song and filling it in myself?


Store bought CDs have certain details that will never change (number of tracks, length of each track, where leadout will start, etc…). This is what is stored in the online database(s). If you create your own CD with various songs, there is absolutely no way for anything to know what the song is unless you put the data in the MP3 tag (for example).

Hope this helps clear it up.


There are some few tools identifying an audiotrack by analyzing the first tones, this even works for digitzed audio…